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A TWIN PIQUE: A High Sierra Mystery by Terry Gooch Ross

A TWIN PIQUE: A High Sierra Mystery

by Terry Gooch Ross

346 pages
Bombs, intimidation, kidnapping, murder, jealousy, and soul-searching in the Sierra.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Thereís something about Janet Westmore that attracts mystery. Ever since her twin Mary and Maryís husband Bob were killed in a suspicious plane crash, people seem to show up on Janetís doorstep with regularity, bringing obscure riddles and conundrums. And Janet, whoís called J, canít resist her amateur sleuthing. Good thing Mary and Bob still have her back.

In the third High Sierra Mystery, J once again turns her problem-solving skills to unraveling three mysteries. This time itís spectacular summer in Mammoth Lakes, California, when a casual request by a friend turns into an explosive situation; then a consulting job gives anger in the workplace a whole new meaning; and jealousy over her loverís old girlfriend becomes a fight to save her life.

Throughout it all, J discovers her true feelings for long-time boyfriend Ross.


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About the Author
Terry Gooch Ross lives in Mammoth Lakes, California. She loves Ross, cross-country skiing, running, living in the mountains, and of course, Mary, her twin. It was the loss of her twin that prompted Terry to write three mysteries in which Mary and her husband, Bob, make regular appearances.



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