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A TWIN FALLS: A High Sierra Mystery by Terry Gooch Ross

A TWIN FALLS: A High Sierra Mystery

by Terry Gooch Ross

266 pages
Death doesn't stop a murdered twin from protecting her sister.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
A Twin Falls is a story of mystery, fantasy, and friendship set in Mammoth Lakes, California.

Janet Westmore is a twin. A highly capable human resources consultant in Mammoth Lakes, California, she exposes a respected community leader as a serial harasser in the workplace. Afterwards, she seeks respite at her sister’s home in the Bay Area from the particularly nasty sexual harassment investigation. On her trip back home to Mammoth, the unthinkable happens. Janet wakes up in a hospital broken and confused. As she regains full consciousness she learns she is the sole survivor of a single-engine plane crash in the High Sierra Mountains that took the lives of her twin sister Mary and Mary’s husband Bob.

While she works to recover from her emotional and physical injuries, Janet, known to her friends and family as “J,” receives little hints that her twin Mary and Bob may be dead but they are not gone. She continues to see them: at her bedside, in the kitchen, leaving clues likes crumbs of bread that only she understands.

It isn’t until Janet is attacked by the enraged wife of the harrasser — when Mary saves her from additional injury — that she finally has confirmation. But when she shares the exciting news with her boyfriend Ross, he rejects her visions, calling them hallucinations and urging her to get professional help. Distraught by his response, Janet is forced to distance herself from him.

As if recovering from her injuries and traveling back and forth to Portola Valley to take care of Mary and Bob’s estate weren’t enough to keep her on her toes, Janet takes on a consultancy job to assist Mammoth Lakes officials in uncovering a Robin Hood of a thief. Someone is stealing from town businesses and residents, and then placing the much-needed supplies and equipment in the local elementary school. When the best efforts of law enforcement are unable to stop the flow of stolen items into the school, the principal and Janet engage staff, students, and teachers in trying to uncover the miscreant. After little success, a sting is planned and executed with startling results.

As Janet plans a celebration of life for Mary and Bob, she unexpectedly befriends Mary’s assistant, Kate. As their friendship grows, so does their suspicion the plane crash was not an accident. Tensions rise as their suspicions focus on one individual, but Janet and Kate can find no motive or proof. To make matters more confusing, the suspect is charming, affable, and generous — making a stunning contribution in Mary and Bob’s names at their memorial service.

It all comes to a head when the suspected murderer, angry and frustrated, attempts to eliminate the last survivor of the crash, having his own encounter of a close kind with Mary and Bob.


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About the Author
Terry Gooch Ross A southern California native, Terry Gooch Ross moved to the Eastern Sierra with her husband in 1993. She earns her living as an independent consultant specializing in leadership and organization development. She divides her time among family, friends, work, and spending time in the mountains she loves.



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