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Thousand Blades by Mike Boxberger

Thousand Blades

by Mike Boxberger

386 pages
Dimension-hopping heroes battle to save a world under attack.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
The son of a hero and brother to a military prodigy, Sely Larinissa takes on dangerous work in a remote border town trying to be his own man.

When a mysterious letter arrives from his father and brings Sely home, he learns that the Larinissas share more than blood. Blessed with unique abilities, including the ability to walk between worlds, Sely and his family attempt to come to terms with the true purpose of their powers.

The time for self-reflection is short. When strange beings, known as Shades appear, intent on dark designs, Sely and his family find themselves in a struggle not only to save their own lives, but to save the kingdom as well.

Joined by new friends and old allies in an effort to stop the invaders, Sely soon learns that he will need all his wit and experience to battle the Shades.


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About the Author
Mike Boxberger is a Software Engineer focusing on Microsoft products and enjoys writing fantasy in his free time. He lives in the great state of Texas with his beautiful wife and three kiddos.



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