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Bane of the Allwalkers: Thousand Blades - Book 2 by Mike Boxberger

Bane of the Allwalkers: Thousand Blades - Book 2

by Mike Boxberger

484 pages
Continuing the adventure from Thousand Blades, the heroes find themselves engulfed in a growing conspiracy within the Hiksoni. Sely's dark secret threatens to destroy them all.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Princess, fugitive, mercenary - Bellsaw of Cynder has held many titles in her young life. But it wasn’t until she joined the Hiksoni, a powerful group of holy warriors and priests, that she found her purpose - serving her gods and perusing the man she loves – Sely Larinissa.

But the virtue and influence of the Hiksoni is a facade. Their power fades as they battle amongst themselves and the opportunistic forces against them. The Code and the Tomes, the twin foundations of their order, stir philosophical conflict. Rival organizations battle against their authority. Dark forces strike from the shadows.

Threatening a deathblow to the Hiksoni is Sely’s secret – a secret so profound, that it could destroy everything the Hiksoni believe. As her world crumbles, Bellsaw is trapped between faith and love, service and the law. With enemies on all sides, Bellsaw and Sely find themselves not only fighting for their lives, but their faith as well.


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About the Author
Mike Boxberger is a Software Engineer focusing on Microsoft products and enjoys writing fantasy in his free time. He lives in the great state of Texas with his beautiful wife and three kiddos.



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