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The Reunion Man by H. C. Wallace

The Reunion Man

by H. C. Wallace

262 pages
Lovers face personal turmoil and crime in this compelling story.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
David has a single affectionate memory of the mother that abandoned him in early childhood. He is also haunted by a vague, discomforting experience in childhood. His father has responded vaguely to Davidís questions about his mother. Maggie, a family friend, offers scant details. He is suspicious of her doting attention. Additional pressures arise. He desires more than a physical relationship with his lover, Darla. The relationship has stalled and he is uncertain if she wants it to progress. The village is abuzz with theories about a young handicapped boy that has been missing. This story explains the circumstances of a boy touching the lives of Darla, David, and his friends.

David and Darla share mutual tragedies at Darlaís family reunion. Darla reveals that she was a victim of a disturbing encounter with a distant relative and David reveals his angst and confusion about his mother. David tells her about the fawning attention of Maggie. Darla confronts Maggie and Harold and they uncover the truth of Davidís mother. Maggie confesses her involvement with Davidís mother that played a part her departure. The truth of the involvement leaves David stunned. Is the answer to her disappearance a resolution or does it result in additional confusion?


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About the Author
H. C. Wallaceís beginning lies in the history of a southern farm family. He is a member of a bucolic culture where the heart, mind, and labor merge for a purpose. This story tells, as a mixture of fiction and truth, was a past time in his family. Thus, began an interest in literature. When not writing or reading he is golfing or spending valuable time with his grandchildren. He is currently working on his third novel.



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