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THE EXILES by H. C. Wallace


by H. C. Wallace

344 pages
Drama in the lives of inhabitants of a Mediterranean village

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
A disagreement in religious schisms results in the exodus of a minority faction to a remote village in the Mediterranean. The lives of the exiled villagers are explored against the landscape of the era from the 1920's past the Second World War. The era is rife with war and opposing internal and external political ideologies. The village is not immune to the outside world of politics and ideologies clash in the village and results in the murder of an exile's father.

The villagers, driven by greed, conspire against one another and some become victims of each other and become participants with an outside group of petty criminals. Village families are pitted against one another in a circle of dishonesty and betrayal. One exile, betrayed by her father, is seduced by power and corruption and becomes a confidant for the criminals and attempts to take control of the group with some unexpected results.

Central to the story of the exiles is the conflicted love affair of two young people who contend with murder, a devastating accident and remorse through their journey in the web of politics, crime and the broken dream of the young lover. The young man sets off to pursue his dream of auto racing and causes an incident that results in dire consequences for himself, friends and his lover. They spend much of their lives attempting to cope with their recriminations in a lengthy journey to resolution.

The lovers come to realize that the essential ideal of the exiles is flawed since the ideal does not reveal the true nature of the villagers.


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About the Author
H.C. Wallace has had a life long interest in literary fiction. He has spent much of his life overseas. Now he frequently visits Italy and has taken an interest in the oral histories of the inhabitants of the coastal villages. He is currently working on his next novel.



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