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The Fief of Central Park by B. D. King

The Fief of Central Park

by B. D. King

450 pages
Medieval knights magically transported to the future totally disrupt NYC

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
The Fief of Central Park, an enchanting tale of 3 medieval knights thrust forward in time to fight a dragon, battle urban gangs and bring down a corrupt city government. The heroine they save from the gangs finds her true love, becomes a millionaire and is elected the first African-American woman mayor of New York.

It begins during a battle in 1417 when Brian, Merlinís inept apprentice blunders and sends Sir William Fitzwalter, Geoffrey Fitzwalter and Sir Percy de Clare to the Bronx where they arrive in time to save Elaine Livingston from a vicious gang called the Stompers. After another confrontation with the Stompers, Elaine, and the knights find themselves the targets of corrupt mayor Bertha Ruckzug, her crooked city bureaucracy and organized crime. Meeting these challenges which include lawsuits, street battles and computer crime the four prevail at every turn.

Alas, Brianís spell has upset the time-space continuum placing earth and the entire galaxy in danger. Merlin tells Brian to reverse the spell, but the numskull canít remember which spell he used.


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About the Author
B. D. King B.D. King began his writing career in 1990 with "A Bullet for Stonewall". Since then he wrote a "Bullet for Lincoln", the "Loki Project", the "Gruenwald Deception" and "The Card". His non-fiction works include "Spearhead of Logistics", "Impact, the History of Germanyís V-weapons in WW2" and "Victory Starts Here".



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