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The Gruenwald Deception by Benjamin King (B. D. King) (A)

The Gruenwald Deception

by Benjamin King (B. D. King) (A)

358 pages
Hitler is determined to get the Kaballah whatever it takes.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Adolph Hitler, obsessed with supernatural objects, believes that the ancient and mysterious Kabbalah will make him master of the world as it is reputed to have the power to alter the fate of nations. Once possessed by the Templars, it has been hidden for over 600 years. Undaunted, Hitler assigns Klaus Schwerin, his maser spy, on a top secret mission to find it. Vicious, devious and a veritable chameleon, Schwerin compels the worlds expert on the Kabbalah, Professor Anton Gruenwald, a Jew, to lead him to it, promising that once the Kabbalah is found the professor and his father will be allowed to leave Germany safely. Until then Gruenwalds father will be held hostage.

Gruenwald's research leads them across Europe. In the Vatican library they examine the confessions of the Templars tortured by King Philip of France and find valuable clues, they also find that their secret mission is no longer secret. British and Vatican agents dog their footsteps in the search for the Kabbalah. Churchill is determined to prevent Hitler from getting the Kabbalah for fear it would do untold damage to western democracies. The Pope fears that the Kabbalah in Hitlers hands poses a grave danger to the Catholic Church. To further complicate matters, officials of the Italian Secret Police are on the hunt for Schwerin for war crimes in Spain. Schwerin is gravely wounded by an unknown assailant and Gruenwald realizes that this is no longer an academic research project but a deadly game of cat and mouse. To make his life even more difficult, Gruenwald falls in love with the beautiful Francesca Gabriella.

Their search for the Kaballah, leads them from Rome to Antwerp, to Scotland, back to Italy and then to England. Gruenwald is shocked by Schwerins cunning and ruthlessness. He also realizes that Schwerin has no intention of keeping his promise to let Gruenwald and his father to leave Germany. The professor knows they are getting close to their goal and he is faced with a bewildering series of dilemmas. Can he, in good conscience, let the Nazis have the Kabbalah? How can he escape and get his father out of Germany if Schwerin fails to keep his word? Lastly, how can he get the woman he loves out of fascist Italy?



About the Author
Benjamin King (B. D. King) (A) Originally from Connecticut, Benjamin King served with the 101st Airborne in Vietnam. An Army Historian for 20 years, his novels are a Bullet for Stonewall, a Bullet for Lincoln and the Loki Project. His non-fiction works are The Spearhead of Logistics and Impact the History of Germanys V-weapons in WWII.



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