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Somewhere Over The Moon by Janice Peck Vandine

Somewhere Over The Moon

by Janice Peck Vandine

144 pages
Angela finds a young girl attracted to her husband

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
When the reality of being a pastor’s wife settles in, Angela has taken on a burden of extra activities in addition to her career as a nursing assistant at the Community Care Home in Wilson Grove. Her plan to get a nursing license in the fall has been put aside because parish events need to be fit into an already busy life.

A girl finds her husband attractive which adds one more thing to the problems she needs to work out as she adapts to a life of missed meals, meetings, and situations in the parish. Her work at the assisted care home finds her forming a Friday evening get-together for the elderly residents as well as organizing Saturday morning gatherings for young adults in the church. She continues her compulsion to be at her husband’s side as she plays the organ at church on Sunday mornings and attends Bible Study meetings.

A last minute invitation to give a talk on death brings back the old trauma of losing her father when she was a senior in high school. During preparation for speaking at a Christian event, she realizes how much peace and comfort she’s acquired from her faith in God when she prays for his guidance. The answer becomes a surprise when she identifies it at a bible study gathering.

The worry about her pregnant mother who is up there in childbearing age and the new decisions in her family have her wondering if she’s been amiss. But through it all, those around Angela remind her to look into the heavens at night and if the moon is smiling, everything will be okay.

A fire in an apartment building outside Wilson Grove seems to be a point where changes begin to occur and the events make Angela trying to put them all together, but she often feels comfort when she looks at the moon and finds it smiling down on her.


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About the Author
Janice Peck Vandine Janice Peck Vandine lives and works on her daughter’s dairy farm in Georgia, Vermont. Her history of working with teens, on a farm, as a nursing assistant and then joining her minister husband in two churches helped evolve experiences for her lifelong dream of writing.



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