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Where the Bees Dance by Gene Apple

Where the Bees Dance

by Gene Apple

204 pages
Hardships, harrowing adventures, poignant moments and beekeeping shape Sarah’s life

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
A woman appears, coming over the mountain with her seven children and one lone mule. She seeks a land grant in Yell County, Arkansas. So this tale was recounted to the author by an old-timer living in the locale of another Yell county novel, True Grit by Charles Portis.

This story’s figure of grit and grace is Sarah. Sarah Apple, a 19th-century woman, is seen through the eyes of family members, neighbors, and strangers. A traumatic childhood accident has left her scarred for life. Nevertheless, she is resilient and finds comfort in beekeeping. Sarah and her beehives journey from Maryland to North Carolina where she discovers love and acceptance. Sarah and her husband Elisha seek to improve their family’s future away from the confines of heritage; first in Tennessee, and later in Arkansas. Hardships, harrowing adventures, and poignant moments shape Sarah’s life journey. Vivid descriptions of 19th-century life in the expanding West provide color and texture to this woman’s story until we, at last, hear from Sarah herself


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About the Author
Gene Apple Gene Apple, raised amongst farmers and coal miners, would have led an unremarkable life. His destiny veered at age 23 when Gene was blown up and blinded during army training. He forged a leadership career in Blind Rehabilitation and later taught Marketing. Retired, Apple taught sculpture



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