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My Most Amazing Adventure: 1965-1966  A Diary by Caroline Court

My Most Amazing Adventure: 1965-1966 A Diary

by Caroline Court

326 pages
Life for a high school outsider in America's 1960's.

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About the Book
Is a 17-year-old’s life carefree? Not narrator Caroline's life.

Her coming of age during America’s sixties means navigating radical changes and moving to an unfamiliar town and a different high school her senior year. New friends include fellow outsiders struggling with sexuality, gender issues, a military draft, racial unrest, suicide… all in one pivotal year.

Is it okay for a woman to initiate the kiss, the date, the whatever? Is homosexuality really a mental disease? How can you tell who has it? Is interracial marriage immoral? Is a woman worth less than a man? Is a fat person a bad person? What about lying? Is it ever okay to lie? Huck Finn lied all the time. What about draft dodging? Is it immoral to refuse to fight?

These are a few Caroline’s questions. She has parents who are present, the guidance of a beloved teacher and the inspiration of Mark Twain and his Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

But with so much change coming so fast, how does she get answers? What are the answers? And how does she know if they're the right answers?

In The Diary, told with humor and grace, Caroline discovers she’s been handicapped by a fear of loss. But she also possesses an openness to change and a willingness to pursue truth, even if it means pain. Like Huck Finn, she is on a journey, and she is forming her own morality.


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About the Author
Caroline Court is a Wisconsin writer whose books are based on real events including her mother's Alzheimer's (Mum, Alzheimer's and Me: Staying Alive), recovery from grief (Rescuing Park Ranger Billie), and memories of a pivotal year in the 1960's (My Most Amazing Adventure: 1965-1966 A Diary).



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