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REFLECTIONS: Inspirational Stories from Everyday Life by Darlis Sailors

REFLECTIONS: Inspirational Stories from Everyday Life

by Darlis Sailors

170 pages
Inspirational short stories from memoirs of everyday life.

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
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About the Book
REFLECTIONS is written as creative nonfiction, based on actual events from the authorís life. A Memoir is a popular form of sharing practical life lessons and each story stands alone. Read the book from cover to cover or choose the titles that catch your eye.

Life generally comes as a package of daily routines, but by taking the time to reflect on past experiences we often discover positive solutions for the future which help us avoid repetition of past mistakes. These short stories have been written with a sense of hope and encouragement, along with suggestions for improving our everyday lives.

Many of lifeís memories are created from relationships with family, friends, co-workers and even strangers who cross our path from day to day. This book of eight chapters contains over sixty short inspirational stories. There are also six poems which relate to specific titles.

REFLECTIONS: Inspirational Stories from Everyday Life is not only easy to read but easy to share. Donít be surprised if these stories trigger some memories of your own.


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About the Author
Darlis Sailors Darlis has enjoyed life as a ministerís daughter, pastorís wife and teacher involved with children, teens and adults of all ages. Her inspirational short stories are based on a wide variety of her life experiences.



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