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RAISING JOYFUL REBELS: A Guide for Moms by Fran Hendrick, P.C.C.


by Fran Hendrick, P.C.C.

288 pages
How to raise girls to be authentic, resilient, and joyful

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
Two Books in One

Raising Joyful Rebels comes with online access to a companion 154-page interactive/downloadable journal with 21 interactive tools and games, and a series of Guided Writing Topics to help readers implement the strategies illustrated in the book. Included with all paperback and ebook versions.


In an age fraught with negative influences—bullying, depression, drugs, self-harm—it’s critical to help your daughter become strong and resilient.

It’s impossible to protect your daughter from all of life’s pitfalls. But through your relationship, you can build her resilience, confidence, and self-worth so she can bounce back from disappointments, tough breaks, and even failures.

Written for moms of girls of all ages, the step-by-step Joyful Rebels approach will change the way you think about yourself and what it means to be a mom. You’ll gain the insight and skills to transform your relationship with your daughter while learning strategies for teaching boundaries, persistence, values, optimism, leadership, and more. This highly readable guide shows you how to make it happen by filling the three central roles of mothering—mirror, anchor, and mentor—in the small moments that make up everyday life.

It’s your journey, too. It takes a quiet, powerful certainty about yourself to allow your daughter the freedom to express and to be all that is within her. As you learn how to use the magic of small moments to elicit, amplify, and nurture your daughter’s unique voice, you will strengthen your own.

Offering a lucid, inspiring window into your daughter’s inner world and emotional development, the Joyful Rebels journey is your chance to do something for yourself that can simultaneously change the course of your daughter’s life.



About the Author
Professional clinical counselor, parenting columnist, and teacher Fran Hendrick has provided coaching and counseling for hundreds of women and girls for twenty-five years. A member of the International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology, Ms. Hendrick provides consultation online and phone for women participating in the Joyful Rebels process.



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