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MY ANGEL ENCOUNTERS by Charles Pefinis


by Charles Pefinis

102 pages
The contents are descriptions of the latest angel encounters from Charles Pefinis, which he has experienced since the publication of volume one of MY ANGEL ENCOUNTERS.

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Category: Religion
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About the Book
All of his life, author Charles Pefinis has been affected by a greater force. As a combat infantryman in WWII, he should have been killed four times. People immediately next to him were killed or wounded. He returned home unscathed. He attributes this to his guardian angel, who is always with him. Volume two of MY ANGEL ENCOUNTERS includes some astounding events. As an example, the author's angel provided him with two men's shirts, both white, perfect fit. Also his angel brought him a woman's zippered jacket, a BURBERRY BRIT, blue in color. In the pockets, he found two lozenges and some pape,r which came from some sort of machine because of the cut of the paper. Also, while the author was getting his pills out of the container, falling them on to a towel so as not to lose them, they vanished before his eyes, a first for the author...


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About the Author
Charles Pefinis has an unbelievable story to tell. It is his encounters with an angel in WWII, later as a business owner and recently as an author. The book has colored pictures of happenings and describes how last Palm Sunday, his lost cell reappears ICE cold in his in his coat pocket.



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