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A Knight's Quest by Robert Castiglia

A Knight's Quest

by Robert Castiglia

272 pages
A computer/video game fanatic is sent back to Medieval England times.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
In today's world of computers and videogame systems, players are constantly searching for a machine that will better immerse them in the game's environment. With each improvement in this technology, the gaming experience is becoming more and more realistic. "A Knight's Quest" is a story about a videogame enthusiast, who, while searching for such a device, is accidently sent back in time to Medieval England.

In this science fiction fantasy and historically adventurous novel, Andrew Coppersmith is an underachieving college freshman that would rather stay up late playing computer games than attend his classes. In his desire for the perfect game, Andy is led to the laboratory of his quantum mechanics instructor, Professor Davis. After seeing the professor's invention, the college student secretly tries the machine, and discovers more adventure than he ever anticipated. Like the characters in his video games, he battles villainous spies and nobles, rescues damsels in distress, and becomes entangled in a struggle between King Henry I of England and the King's oldest brother, Duke Robert Curthose of Normandy. However, unlike playing computer games, Andy soon discovers he is woefully unprepared to face real dangers where there are no do-overs.


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About the Author
Robert Castiglia began his career in teaching, after graduating from the University of Central Missouri. In addition to his teaching of academics, Robert has also worked many years as a computer professional for companies such as Ralston Purina. When not writing, he spends his spare time pursuing his three favorite passions, beekeeping, sailing, and lighthouses.



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