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The Rogue Knight From Wyre Forest: A Sequel to A Knight's Quest by Robert Castiglia

The Rogue Knight From Wyre Forest: A Sequel to A Knight's Quest

by Robert Castiglia

250 pages
The time traveler, Andrew Coppersmith returns to Medieval England and discovers nothing is at all what he expected.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy:Action And Adventure
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About the Book
It is six months after Andrew Coppersmith had recovered from a yearlong coma that he is led to believe was the result of a near fatal accident. Nevertheless, Andy doesnít remember being in any accident. On the other hand, he does remember going to the laboratory of his quantum physics professor, Dr. Davis, over a year ago in October and trying the professorís invention that Andy thought was a fancy videogame system. However, the professorís device was really a time machine that sent the college student back in time to Worcestershire, England in the year 1105 A.D. During the time Andy was in Medieval England, he fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a knight, and experienced adventures beyond anything his videogames could offer. In addition to these adventures, Andy fell in love and was engaged to be married to Lady Helen, but before his wedding day, he was brought back to the present where he was told the entire experience was only a coma-induced dream.

After being released from the hospital, Andy returns to college, and since he had been absent for almost all of his first year, he has to start over. Except unlike the previous year, Andy is more serious about his studies. Where before his accident he would stay up night-after-night, playing computer games, often at the expense of his studies, now online and videogames donít seem to be as exciting. In fact, according to his friend, Douglas Hartford, Andy isnít the same person at all, but seems to be more serious and mature. However, Andy doesnít feel more mature, though he does have different priorities. Now, games arenít all that important. Now, he wants to learn as much as he can, graduate from college, and start a family. Most importantly, he wants to return to Worcester Castle ó to the life and love, he had left behind; but when he does return he discovers things arenít at all what he expects.


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About the Author
Mr. Castiglia began a career in teaching, after graduating from the University of Central Missouri at Warrensburg. In addition to his teaching of academics, Robert has also worked many more years as a computer professional for companies such as Ralston Purina. Originally from Iowa, Robert now lives in Missouri where, when he is not writing, he spends his spare time studying his three favorite passions: beekeeping, sailing, and lighthouses.



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