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The Group Book:  Effective Skills for Cooperative Groups by Maurice L.Phipps and Cindy A. Phipps

The Group Book: Effective Skills for Cooperative Groups

by Maurice L.Phipps and Cindy A. Phipps

80 pages
This workbook is for learning group concepts, skills and strategies

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Category: Education
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About the Book
Have you ever been put in a group for a project? Are you anticipating being put in a group next semester? Group skills and the ability to process group functioning are both essential to working positively in a group. Cooperative Learning is a highly effective method of instruction and students trained in effective group skills are valued in the workplace but groups can be dreaded without some assurance that group skills and group processing are properly taught and applied. This book can be used as a supplementary workbook to any subject and enables students to learn and apply the group skills necessary to succeed in group projects.

If you are a teacher or professor who is looking for a concise strategy for addressing group dynamics, this book is designed to be used as a supplementary text to your subject area. It provides assistance with group skills for the group work sections of whatever discipline you teach. Or, if you have made the error of putting students into groups without any strategy for how to deal with the inevitable conflicts that will arise, this book can be your guide to prepare the students more adequately. If you, as a student, are placed in a group and given no instruction in how to work in a group, this is the book you can use to help yourselves in the process.


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About the Author
Maurice is a professor at Western Carolina University and has taught in public schools as well as universities in the UK, Australia and the USA.

Cindy is a school psychologist. She has worked in schools for over 16 years and taught at Western Carolina University as an adjunct faculty member.



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