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The Belchize Deception by Dan Raz

The Belchize Deception

by Dan Raz

512 pages

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
Two CIA employees, a field operative and an I.T. Technical Analyst, unknown to each other and working miles apart were living their own respective lives. In two separate short missions, the field operative gets caught in a deceptive plot and becomes an international fugitive. On the other side of the world, the death of the analyst's colleague and her unintended curiosity into a two-decade old classified project called "Operation BlackBear" plunges her to a contract of death and forces her to leave everything behind.

Is there a connection between the events that happened in their lives?

Each person they meet, all places they reach, and the items they touch seem to have a connection to the mysterious Operation BlackBear.

They found out that by working together, they may unearth the mystery behind Operation BlackBear and get back to their normal lives. But before they can get any further, they need to avoid an assassin who is hot in pursuit in tracking them, stopping them and killing them as they traveled from the U.S. to Europe.


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About the Author
Dan Razal reads books in his spare time. One day in 2014, his passion for reading triggered him to sit down and start this novel. With only a starting plot, he build the events and ending as he wrote it. Since then, he has written three more novels.



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