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Jesus Wanted by Pawel Zelwan

Jesus Wanted

by Pawel Zelwan

338 pages
Original collection of expositions of difficult Scripture fragments

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
It is hard to overestimate the role of the media in spreading gospel content. From the first collections of commentaries to the Scripture and the centuries-old heritage of visual arts to the contemporary Internet services, the space of the Old and New Continent is being filled abundantly with testimonies of norms and images concerning the role and the purposes of the deity manifested in Christ.

The basic question of this original collection is whether this role isn’t too big, especially that it is difficult for sober-minded people to call the history of Christianity its triumph, progress or even glory, and the good news of its luminaries too often bears obvious hallmarks of not-too-refined propaganda.

The author’s thesis is that the contemporary followers of Christ are no closer to the truth than the officious Jews of two thousand years ago who were toiling to drive the Messiah into a corner.

The political, economical, social and cultural realities have changed. The very norms and content as well as means of information transfer have also undergone a transformation, but still not only few care what the Righteous One thought, felt and what He wanted, but even the Originator of Christian faith seems to be in the light of the author’s revelations – as ages ago – a persona non grata.

An ingenuous encouragement to verify this thesis is the near perspective of the confrontation of Christian convictions, notions and expectations with the reckonings and dignity of the Holy One of Israel. To what extent can this perspective be a real and convenient one – the author leaves this question to the conscience and consideration of the Reader.


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About the Author
Pawel Zelwan Born: Szczecin, Poland, 1965. Author of one book. Until 2009 a worker and overhead cranes operator in metallurgical plants, currently a producer of cartographic animations. Quite jumbled and unexciting life story. In 1999, excluded from the Pentecostal Church in Frombork for reasons that were never given to him. Twice married.



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