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Border Pilot by M. W.  Bourne

Border Pilot

by M. W. Bourne

442 pages
Crop dusting in Texas.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
This is the story of a crop-duster pilot. It tells how he came to follow that trade, and of the life he led along the Texas/Mexico border. It is the story of reckless years spent without plan or caution, and the glories and pitfalls of agricultural flying.

It is an account of how one man used up a few years of his life in that untamed land along the Rio Grande River. A tale of airplanes, and men, and a way of life that is now gone forever.



About the Author
M. W.  Bourne M. W. Bourne flew 70 combat missions as a navigator on B-26 attack bombers in Viet Nam. After injured in a plane crash he became a crop-duster pilot on the Texas/Mexico border. Today he lives on the Texas farm where he grew up.



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