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I Get Angry Like a Tiger by J.A. Durbin (author)  and Roger L. Schillerstrom (Illustrator)

I Get Angry Like a Tiger

by J.A. Durbin (author) and Roger L. Schillerstrom (Illustrator)

26 pages
James decides what to do with his anger and sadness.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
I Get Angry Like a Tiger is about a little boy who sometimes feels angry, sometimes sad, and sometimes happy. During each feeling he has to decide what to do about how he feels.

This book encourages readers to understand that although both positive and negative feelings will happen, you always get to choose what actions to take. Those actions can be positive or negative. Making good decisions about how to act will help you feel good about yourself no matter how you are feeling.

I Get Angry Like a Tiger uses the Christian themes of free will to choose our path in life, and compassion & acceptance of ourselves as imperfect beings fraught with all sorts of emotions, but still and ever loved by God.


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About the Author
Jill Durbin is a 23-year veteran of the Air Force. While serving her country and raising two boys she followed her passion for learning and literature earning a Bachelor's Degree in English, a Master's Degree in Creative Writing, and a self-made Certificature in the Psychology of Creativity from Regis University.



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