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BENT TREES by Greg Bland


by Greg Bland

238 pages
Levi Sumpter learns what it means to be a man.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
They named me Daniel but they all called me Levi after my Mama's daddy. By the time I was born the Sumpter family had been in North America 155 years. Pa told me family stories going way back before the revolution. He said our family came to Virginia in 1685. A hundred years later my great grandpa cut timber in Kentucky and moved the family there. Pa's family had slaves. That was the trouble between him and his Pa. I guess that's why Pa moved to Missouri when he did. That was the trouble that got him killed. I guess I had some hard learnin' to do about people livin' and about people dyin'. Pa said I'd become a tall stature of a man. Janie did too.


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About the Author
As a new voice in American historical fiction, Greg Bland intrigued readers with his first novel, Listening Creek. Christian, family man and outdoorsman, Greg weaves his love for America with words that touch the heart of who we are by reminding us of those who walked before.



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