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HOME 2: Journey by Alban S. Goulden

HOME 2: Journey

by Alban S. Goulden

344 pages
The second novel in the HOME science fiction fantasy trilogy.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
The first book of the HOME trilogy (HOME 1: Departure) traces Allera’s emergence from a mostly agrarian and unchanging society to a gradual discovery of its previously-forbidden history. There is an awareness in its elders—particularly on the part of Han and his secret partner Kriya—that the static world in which Allera has existed for countless years is changing and becoming increasingly perilous.

Meanwhile, the mysterious, seemingly supernatural figures of Komp and Relik loom in the background, their nature and purpose largely unknown.

With disruption in their society growing, four newly-chosen young leaders of Allera each undertakes one of four “crusades” in order to fulfill the tasks that Han and Kriya assign them: to save what they refer to as “Whole World.” Kell travels west, Marin south, Crag and Saren to the east, and Teran to the north.

Teran, the High Tek of Allera, is key to this endeavor.
After numerous perils, the four complete their quests, and they are reunited in a confrontation with a strange force that may wield the powers of science or the supernatural--or both.

At the end of HOME 1, much has changed in the main characters; much has also been revealed to them. Yet this knowledge leads to even greater questions.

The second book of the HOME trilogy (Journey) begins as the characters find themselves—now with little memory of their previous actions—on the brink of a changed yet still somehow vaguely familiar Whole World.

A world in which they are once again thrown into a struggle for survival.


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About the Author
Alban S. Goulden does most of his writing in a prairie village in Alberta. Space, quiet, and understanding neighbours are great inspirations. Sometimes where often nothing happens, everything can happen.



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