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HOME 1: Departure by Alban Goulden

HOME 1: Departure

by Alban Goulden

342 pages
A strange world in peril...a desperate quest for survival.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
A god-like Entity drifts in space, embodied in a physical structure called Whole World. In order to experience free will, the entity undergoes self-imposed cycles of forgetting and remembering through the characters it creates within Whole World.

Once again it is time for the Entity to regain full consciousness and memory, either as creator (Komp) or destroyer (Relik).

Previously in Whole World, knowledge of history was forbidden. But forgotten knowledge now appears. Physical and social order begins to fall apart. The Hegemon Han, leader of Allera, directs five young Allerans to embark on individual ‘crusades’ in order to save Whole World from destruction.

However Teran, Allera’s new High Tek, suspects the motives of the powerful rulers of Allera. He also mistrusts the meks, strange beings with mysterious powers. And he is torn between Kell, the beautiful captain of Allera’s military, and the enigmatic female mek leader, Thia.

Will the young crusaders survive the treachery and danger they encounter, or will the destroyer Relik triumph and Whole World suffer a catastrophe from which it may never recover? Will it be changed into something none of these young leaders could have ever imagined?



About the Author
Alban S. Goulden has recently returned to his fascination with fantasy and science fiction. He does most of his writing in a prairie village in Alberta. Space, quiet, and understanding neighbours are great inspirations. Sometimes he just sits on the back porch and stares: where nothing happens, everything can happen.



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