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The Lion and the Condor: The Untold Story of Col. John C. Robinson and the Crippling of Ethiopia by Yahoshuah Israel

The Lion and the Condor: The Untold Story of Col. John C. Robinson and the Crippling of Ethiopia

by Yahoshuah Israel

316 pages
The story of the greatest African American aviator in history.

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Category: History
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About the Book
THE LION AND THE CONDOR: An amazing book about the greatest African American aviator in history. The Untold Story of Col. John C. Robinson and the Crippling of Ethiopia is a fascinating account of heretofore unknown events in the life of Col. John C. Robinson, who became an international hero during the Ethiopian-Italian war of 1935–36.

Its portrayal of the little-known history of Ethiopia during this time provides a critically important awareness of Ethiopia’s political position in relation to both the Western colonial powers and the colonized nations of the world. It was Ethiopia’s unique and powerful status among the subjected nations that provoked the ire of the colonizing nations of Europe—Britain, in particular—who feared the impact of a modern and economically strong Ethiopia. Led by Emperor Haile Selassie at a time when the rumblings of revolution were being heard in one African country after another; forty years earlier Emperor Menelik had led Ethiopia against the first Italian invasion to become the only nation to defeat a standing European army. With Italy again on the verge of invading Ethiopia, the League of Nations prohibited the sale of military equipment to either country. This benefited Mussolini, since Italy produced its own arms, while crippling Ethiopia and all but ensuring her defeat, for Ethiopia produced no modern military weapons and had only outdated and inadequate equipment and no air force at all.

Against this dim and foreboding backdrop, one American stepped onto the stage of history and became a legend. Col. John C. Robinson’s long lost history in Ethiopia is finally revealed in an inspiring and informative narrative that resurrects the stories of other great individuals who also contributed to this tumultuous period in history.

"As Col. John C. Robinson stepped out on the balcony of the Grand Hotel the huge crowd of 60,000 people who had come out to cheer their legendary hero exploded into thunderous applause. With over 500 automobiles in procession, "never had Chicago seen such a demonstration as was accorded to the 31 year old Chicago aviator who had covered himself in glory defending Africa's last empire" wrote the Chicago Defender on May 24, 1936.


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About the Author
Yahoshuah Israel Yahoshuah Israel, a cultural historian first traveled to Ethiopia in 1999 while researching his first book. He is Chairman of the International Council for the Commemoration of Col. John C. Robinson and committed to the resurrection of his great legacy for the benefit of posterity and the African American community.



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