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Toot Toot: On becoming a john by Henri Charles Molineaux

Toot Toot: On becoming a john

by Henri Charles Molineaux

418 pages
One troubled man's venture into the shadowy world inhabited by prostitutes, drug addicts, and the homeless. Lasting relationships alter his life, providing adventure and meaning, even as the rest of his world crumbles.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
The author examines the controversial subject of the relationship between prostitutes and their customers from a different perspective: from that of the john. This book tells of how and why explorations lead to adventures that lead to drastic changes.

The telling is raw and vivid as the women conduct their business and the man ventures into their anomie world of sex, drugs, violence, and homelessness. As we dip into the lives of the women he dates, the narrator's own troubled mind and history are revealed.

The buyer of the sex for hire service repeatedly follows his nature as he seeks to find love and romance there instead. The otherwise intelligent and resilient man recognizes the folly in that and comes to think of these encounters as fantasy adventures, separate and apart from the reality of his everyday drab life. But he finds it increasingly difficult to keep fantasy separate from reality while the torment that ever permeates his being remains and travels with him as he ventures from one realm to the other.

The reader must always be able to read between the lines to understand things that the narrator does not yet realize.


Author Molineaux takes a difficult subject, the tenuous relationship between prostitutes and their customers, and treats it with a rare tenderness and sensitivity. His flowing chronicle explores the lives of these working girls, as they prefer to be called, and exposes both their strengths and their vulnerabilities. In the process, the account also reveals the narrator's own vulnerable emotional landscape.
- Martin A. David, Arts Practitioner, Author, and Book Reviewer
I love it! It has a humanity to it. Intriguing, with a beautiful flow. I felt a connection.
- Michelle Morrow, Author
Totally love the conversational casualty of the MC's voice. You got me. It read smoothly and allowed my eyes to flow across the page easily.
- Sam Dixon, Author, Song Writer, Musician


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About the Author
The author grew up in and around New York City during the golden years following World War II, the son of a barroom brawler. He attended thirteen different public schools, some while a ward of the state. Married three times, he has three beautiful children but now lives alone.



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