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Hey Gringo! What Are You Doing Here? by David K. Martineau

Hey Gringo! What Are You Doing Here?

by David K. Martineau

208 pages
Mormon Colonists of Northern Mexico, Punitive Expedition and Pancho Villa.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
This book is the story of a young boy, a Mormon colonist in northern Mexico, who is captured by Pancho Villa and his raiding party enroute to Columbus, New Mexico.

After the raid on Columbus, the young man is hired by the Punitive Expedition organized to go into Mexico after Pancho Villa, as an interpreter/guide. The story relates some historical facts about the Mormon colonization of northern Mexico, some biographical information about early colonists in Mexico within the author's ancestry, and the relationship between the Mormon Colonists and the Mexican Revolutionaries.

The book provides examples of friendly interactions between Mormon colonists and Pancho Villa and his revolutionaries.

Battles and incidents between the revolutionaries and the members of the Punitive Expedition, including Buffalo Soldiers, Apache Scouts, and hardships encountered by the Punitive Expedition are related.

The Punitive Expedition, under General Pershing, had its field headquarters in Colonia Dublan, a Mormon colony in northern Mexico, from which Punitive Expedition operations were conducted.

A summary is provided of the main characters in the Mexican Revolution and the Punitive Expedition, explaining what ultimately happened to them after the American soldiers left Mexico.


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About the Author
David K. Martineau The author is a retired U.S. Army CW4, Interrogation Technician and also retired Defense Intelligence Agency Intelligence Officer, who spent 9 years in Mexico while growing up, where he became acquainted with his ancestry during the Mormon colonization in Mexico and the Mexican Revolution.



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