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MORE DROPPINGS FROM THE DRAGON: A Hitchhiker's Guide To Sales by Richard Plinke


by Richard Plinke

226 pages
Laugh-out-loud adventures in the wild and wacky world of sales.

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Category: Business:Marketing:Sales
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About the Book
Join our intrepid hero in the second installment of his ongoing fight against the overwhelming odds of dancing in the jaws of the dragon, Richard Plinke's graphic metaphor for a lifetime spent in sales. The dragon series continues with one hilarious anecdote after another, seemingly disjointed and arbitrary, but blended together in a tasty stew of style, entertainment and enlightenment.

As Plinke writes in the Introduction: "In my experience, sales can be a disjointed and an often arbitrary path to follow, and it takes a certain amount of intellectual acumen to piece it all together. Finding success is much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, and if you want it to work, you have to deal with it one piece at a time. Each piece needs to fit into its proper place to create the complete picture."

And Plinke's finished mosaic does just that, creating a delightful journey of adventure and self-discovery.

More Droppings from the Dragon: A Hitchhiker's Guide to Sales by Richard Plinke is among the funniest, most entertaining and most insightful sales books Ive ever read. Richards three-plus decades spent in the trenches have resulted in personal case studies that give the reader priceless advice and instruction on how to succeed in sales. Id recommend this book to sales professionals who want to grow their bottom line, and who want to become more like a raccoon and less like a wild boar."

Kerry Boderman
Education Manager, Advertising Specialty Institute

"Isn't it always better to learn from someone's personal experiences than from a textbook that just throws facts at you? Richard Plinke's stories are dead-on and, most importantly, just plain common sense. If you really want to succeed in sales and business, this is the book for you. It is short, to the point, and easy to read. I highly recommend it."

Barbara Shea
Author of Welcome to the Real World


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About the Author
Richard Plinke Richard Plinke flew to the moon aboard Apollo 19, played backup didjeridu at the Beatles' rooftop concert, was Clint Eastwood's spiritual guide in The Bridges of Madison County, and...

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Richard Plinke has been around a long time and knows lots of stuff.



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