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FROM THE JAWS OF THE DRAGON: Sales Tales and Other Marginally Related Stuff by Richard Plinke

FROM THE JAWS OF THE DRAGON: Sales Tales and Other Marginally Related Stuff

by Richard Plinke

168 pages
Like nothing else you've ever read about sales.

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Category: Business:Marketing:Sales
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About the Book
From slices of water pie to being passed off as a cast member of the 1970s hit Broadway show Hair, Richard Plinke takes the reader on a magical carpet ride through his humorous, fractured view of the world of selling. As Plinke writes in the Introduction, "This book is not your father's Oldsmobile when it comes to sales."

From The Jaws Of The Dragon is a collection of blogs, articles and essays from Plinke's fertile and unique perspective on the art of sales, all tied together in a neatly disguised package of life lessons, applicable to anyone who faces the grind of earning their daily bread, regardless of professional persuasion.

"It's a rare writer who can entertain as well as inform. Richard Plinke not only entertains while he educates, but he also has the ability to dig deep into his vault of firsthand sales knowledge to provide his readers with proven ways to make a business more profitable. As the editor of a business publication -- and a 35-year veteran of the writing game -- I can count on one hand the number of contributing columnists I look forward to reading each month. I consider Richard a must-read and a fun read -- and a pretty darn good salesman, too!"
John McGran
Editor, Lehigh Valley Business

"From The Jaws Of The Dragon spits fire, and claws at the truth as it busts a rib with hysterically funny parodying of the science of salesmanship. For anyone who has ever sold or will sell (and who among us has not?), Richard Plinke’s words will resonate and tickle, and possibly enlighten. Oh yes, if I were a salesman, I would gladly sell you a copy of this book…possibly two or three."
Russell Wild
Author of Career Smarts, Games Bosses Play, and several investment primers from the For Dummies series

"Richard Plinke's From The Jaws Of The Dragon is much more than a “how to” sales manual. In this entertaining collection, Richard captures a variety of real-life sales and business situations and uses his sharp wit and wisdom to communicate his observations and experiences in an authentic, down-to-earth way. Everyone in sales or business will benefit from reading this book."
Pamela S. Gockley
Author of The Reputation Factor: Repositioning To Succeed and CEO of Vigilant Corp.

"Richard Plinke is that rare business writer who can entertain while he educates. From The Jaws Of The Dragon is loaded with valuable insights and sprinkled with his unique sense of humor."
Paul Nolan
Editor, Sales & Marketing Management


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About the Author
Richard Plinke Richard Plinke is a sales consultant, speaker and contributing editor to several business publications. He has over 35 years of experience in sales, sales management and sales training. He has also started, run and sold a few sales-centered media businesses.



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