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The Art of Not Motivating: How Leaders Can Succeed by Understanding the True Nature of Motivation by Robert (Bob) Mason

The Art of Not Motivating: How Leaders Can Succeed by Understanding the True Nature of Motivation

by Robert (Bob) Mason

132 pages
This gripping business tale presents the truth about motivation.

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About the Book
Do you want to be a motivational leader? Do you wish your employees were more motivated? Are you wondering how to have more engaged employees?

In this exciting business novel, Bob Mason explains the basics of motivation and illustrates how successful leaders create a motivational climate that will result in more engaged employees, lower turnover costs, and higher productivity.

Bob presents important classical theories, but then moves beyond those theories to a model he created during more than 35 years of leadership experience. He shows why leaders cannot motivate employees, but how they can help those employees meet the needs that really do motivate them.

In The Art of Not Motivating, Bob explains what motivation is and isn't through the experience of Diane, the manager of a manufacturing plant. Diane hires Kyle, a business consultant to help her motivate the employees and save the factory that the company is threatening to close. Kyle starts by telling Diane he cannot motivate her people, which is not what Diane wants to hear. He goes on to help Diane understand what motivation is and isn't.

In the following weeks, Kyle helps Diane develop a better understanding of motivation. She begins to realize she does not know much about her employees, or even what's really happening in the factory. She becomes aware of how her lack of attention to the employees has led to costly problems. Kyle helps her understand why it's important to recognize the employee's needs and she learns that understanding and meeting those employee needs is not difficult. As she becomes more aware of the basic needs that motivate most people, she starts to more fully appreciate how a motivational climate is the secret to much greater success.

The Art of Not Motivating provides a compelling, yet easy to read handbook for improving employee engagement. The story provides a clear model that will help you create a motivational climate and improve employee engagement in your workplace.


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About the Author
Bob Mason is a speaker and trainer with 35+ years of leadership experience. He's dedicated to helping leaders excel using concepts and techniques he learned working with and for great leaders. He is also the author of Balancing the Generations: A Leader's Guide to the Complex, Multi-Generational, 21st Century Workplace.



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