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Balancing the Generations: A Leader's Guide to the Complex, Multi-Generational, 21st Century Workplace by Bob Mason

Balancing the Generations: A Leader's Guide to the Complex, Multi-Generational, 21st Century Workplace

by Bob Mason

192 pages
How to lead effectively in today's complex, multi-generational workplace.

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About the Book
Want to know how to be an effective leader in the multi-generational workplace of the 21st Century?

Balancing the Generations is an intriguing look at the multiple generations that occupy the 21st Century workplace. The book is a comprehensive guide for effectively leading the members of these diverse generations.

The book is in two parts. Part one provides a brief look at 5 different generations and the major influences that have acted on them. The author begins with the GI Generation, those born between 1900 and 1927, because they still hold much power and influence and have had a profound effect on subsequent generations. He follows with an interesting and enlightening look at the Silent, Baby Boom, X, and Millennial Generations. Readers will find facts in these chapters which they may not have known, or which will contradict what is often common, if incorrect, knowledge.

Part two addresses specific techniques leaders can use to help members of each generation more effectively contribute to an organization's success. Valuable tips and techniques concerning a wide variety of leadership challenges, such as developing business etiquette, ensuring effective communication, dealing with the problem of retention, and managing workplace change will be a great help to leaders who are navigating the turbulent waters of today's workplace. In each case, the author examines modern problems and suggests approaches which will be most effective for each generation.

Balancing the Generations concentrates on the progression of generations within the United States because, until very recently, factors influencing the development of successive generations have been considerably different in various parts of the world. However, the author includes a chapter that examines how the effect of immigration has changed from the older to younger generations. He makes a compelling case that newer generations are becoming much more global and, in many ways, common. Therefore, even though the book concentrates on the U.S. population, the tips and techniques for leaders are applicable beyond those borders in much of today's world.

If you were born between 1900 and 2000 and are in the 21st Century Workplace, you need to read this book!


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About the Author
Bob Mason Bob Mason is a speaker and trainer with more than 30 years of leadership experience. He is dedicated to helping leaders excel using the successful concepts and techniques he learned working with and for great leaders. He is also the author of "Planning to Excel: Strategic Planning That Works."



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