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CROSSHAIRS by Thomas J. Berry


by Thomas J. Berry

486 pages
WWII veterans' stories in the skies and mountains of Europe.

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Category: History
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About the Book
Three young men from different parts of America took up their country’s challenge during the Second World War. Brave and daring, they risked their lives each and every day. Don Malloy left the snow capped mountains of Vermont to join the 96th Bomb Group flying missions in the freezing skies over Europe. He served on some of the most brutal assignments in the 8th Airforce before his plane was shot down over Germany. He soon found, however, that his harrowing adventures were just beginning.

Bob McCauley completed over thirty missions of his own before volunteering for one last, top-secret assignment with his best friend, Dick Lindahl. Project Aphrodite was years ahead of its time, sending heavy bombers laden with high explosives to strike at Germany’s most dangerous weapons. They were joined by John F. Kennedy’s older brother, Joe Jr., a crackerjack pilot for the Navy groomed for the highest office in the land. Mac and Lindy were inseparable until events took an unexpected and tragic turn.

Frank Krause and his two brothers grew up in the Great Depression street-wise and resourceful. The three men were sent overseas looking to make a difference. Frank fought on the beaches of Normandy and the craggy peaks of the Apennines in Italy, striving to keep himself and his buddies alive. Along the way, he discovered an inner strength and selfless fortitude which would earn him a Silver Star battling a hardened and relentless foe high up on a lonely and barren mountaintop.


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About the Author
Thomas J. Berry Thomas Berry received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from St. Bonaventure University. He takes pleasure in extensively researching historical novels. When not writing, he enjoys reading, web design, and spending time with his family. He currently lives with his wife and five children in New Jersey.



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