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Lewis and Clark: Murder on the Natchez Trace by Thomas Berry

Lewis and Clark: Murder on the Natchez Trace

by Thomas Berry

392 pages
Lewis and Clark historical fiction and true-crime murder mystery

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Meriwether Lewis, fresh off his famous expedition to explore the Louisiana Territory, is found dead at a roadside inn along the Natchez Trace, a dangerous and remote Indian trail in Tennessee. Plagued by political and financial scandal, Lewis died under mysterious circumstances, leading many to believe he took his own life. But his partner, Governor William Clark, seeks to uncover the truth about his friend's death with the help of four members from their famed "Corps of Discovery".

As these hardened explorers crisscross the new nation during the War of 1812, uncovering clues to unlock the mystery of their former captain's demise, we learn of their own friendship forged along the pathways of the Missouri River ten years earlier.

With the four explorers drawing closer to the truth at each turn, the stakes are raised by an unknown adversary, and the war with the British is coming to a desperate head in New Orleans. Who will live to see justice done? The fate of the new nation lies with the "Corps of Discovery" and the secrets they uncover will change the country forever!


Thomas Berry has chosen to use this first truly American conspiracy theory as a basis for crafting a truly wonderful story of friendship, loyalty, and adventure. A skillfully interwoven saga of twin stories of discovery...Thomas Berry has shown a great respect for and understanding of history as he takes us through his tale of what may have been, which includes an engrossing description of the Battle of New Orleans; the culmination of America’s second war for independence. This book is quite highly recommended.
- John Helman, AllBooks Reviews, Nov 2010


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About the Author
Thomas Berry Thomas Berry received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from St. Bonaventure University. A lover of history and literature, he has found his true passion in writing historical fiction. He currently lives with his wife and five children in New Jersey.



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