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PRAIRIE FIRE by Kent White


by Kent White

270 pages
Prairie Fire chronicles the exploits of a covert SOG team.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
In 1967, the war in South Vietnam is raging. The North Vietnamese Army is pushing relentlessly into South Vietnam from its jungle bases in Cambodia and Laos, bringing supplies and destruction with it. Deadly clashes between the NVA and U.S. military units in the South are on the rise.

American troops are strictly forbidden from crossing into Cambodia and Laos, preventing U.S. forces from striking the enemy in its heart. A top-secret, covert unit has been formed to gather valuable intelligence on the enemy build-up. The unit is known as SOG, the Studies and Observation Group. SOG is comprised of U.S. Army Special Forces "Green Beret" personnel and local hill tribe mercenaries of South Vietnam. These fierce yet small reconnaissance teams infiltrate by helicopter deep into the dank jungles of Laos and Cambodia to penetrate enemy strongholds.

Missions, new assignments, and daring confrontations bond these brave SOG recon men to each other and to their allied mercenaries. The jungles of Southeast Asia are at once refuge and maelstrom. Many may never return.

A captured NVA soldier turned defector divulges the whereabouts of a POW camp in Laos, where American and South Vietnamese prisoners are being incarcerated. Staff Sergeant Steve McShane and his five man recon team are assigned the perilous mission to discover the truth about the reported prison and its secreted location . . . but at what cost?



About the Author
Kent White joined the army after his second year of college. After Special Forces training, he was deployed to Vietnam and assigned to a top secret Studies and Observation Group, or SOG, unit. Recipient of the Purple Heart and Bronze Star with "V", he writes from his experiences in SOG.



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