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Trouble in Zion by D K Elliott

Trouble in Zion

by D K Elliott

234 pages
A counterterrorism thriller that challenges citizen recruits the FBI, and Homeland Security to overcome threats from embedded spies and insurgents.

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
Pat Marshall is enticed to join her friend, Harry Hamilton, in a project for the U. S. State Department to provide surveillance of visiting guests from countries where terrorism breeds. The guests tour national parks and natural resources before attending a week-long seminar planned for Zion National Park on managing natural resources in their homelands. Pat and Harry conduct clandestine observation of the guests and report suspicious behavior to State Department reps.

Pat and Harry encounter threats and near death adventures in the course of the project. Their connections with State Department reps on the project produce high risk exposure to spies, as well as lighthearted romantic byplay. The project morphs into a terrorist crisis that Pat and Harry are instrumental in resolving. They are not free of threats after the crisis ends, being the primary witnesses to the identity of the spies who escape. The experiences change Pat's outlook on life and career.


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About the Author
D K Elliott is a member of the Lagoon Writers' League of South Florida. He previously published The Canyon Caper, a mystery novel set in the Grand Canyon. He has also published essays on writing for authors. He has a PhD and has taught at Pace University and the University of Georgia.



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