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The Canyon Caper by D K Elliott

The Canyon Caper

by D K Elliott

286 pages
The search for a missing brother leads to life changing adventures.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Gritting her teeth, PATRICIA MARSHALL, tough-minded, self-confident commercial design consultant, hires HARRY HAMILTON, laid-back, risk-averse private investigator, out of desperation to solve the mystery of her missing brother, JIMMY, a U. S. State Department low-level functionary, or so she thinks. She and Hamilton embark on an investigative adventure that has them dueling with State Department officials, the FBI, and foreign espionage agents. Marshall is determined to solve the mystery of Jimmyís disappearance in Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP) despite risks to her life and Hamiltonís.

Hamilton takes the case for his designs on Marshall and convinces her to go to Washington DC to question State Department personnel and Jimmyís friends. She discovers a brother she really didnít know who led a life beyond her wildest imagination. They head to GCNP where they become entangled in a complicated State Department operation that nearly costs them their lives.

Park Ranger SCOTT CANTRELL enters Marshallís life as a manipulated source of top secret government information she believes she needs to solve the case. He falls in love with her, and that complicates her life, now torn between friendship with Hamilton and a possible future with Cantrell. Her adventure ends with an outcome that contradicts everything she believed about her and Hamiltonís contribution to national security.


The Canyon Caper rolls on with page-turning impetus. It's an entertaining beach read, an action-packed mystery romance...
- Gene Hull, correspondent, Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers


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About the Author
D K Elliott has BME, MS and PhD degrees, had a business career in sales, advertising and marketing with General Electric, Interpublic and Kraft Foods, and an Assistant Professorship at University of Georgia. He writes from his home in Florida as an active member of The Lagoon Writers League of South Florida.



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