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Mindful Manipulation by James Ranieri

Mindful Manipulation

by James Ranieri

311 pages
How perception, expectation and behavior connect to create reality.

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Category: Business
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About the Book
Mindful Manipulation is not what you think. It's the thoughtful practice of understanding the Otherís perceptions and expectations, then influencing and shaping them through civil, consistent and purposeful behaviors to create consistently advantageous negotiated results.

Most negotiations draw from ancient traditions, practices and assumptions embedded in classical theories. What worked in the past, however, no longer have efficacy and sustainability in a global community. Unless you suffer from psychoscherosis (hardening of the attitude, which causes a person to cease dreaming, seeing, thinking, and leading) or are a member of The Flat Earth Society, you surely recognize that the world of commerce is markedly different than it was even two decades ago.

Companies are no longer either competitors or customers. Today, a competitor in one situation is a partner in tomorrowís situation. A seller is also a buyer and vice versa. Every negotiation event impacts future relationships as well as subsequent transactions. The demands are such that we must change the way we negotiate. We now know that despite our global economy, humans remain culturally influenced and individually complex. It follows, then, that our negotiation behaviors must address the intricacies of both our new environment and the people that live in it. To do that, Iím arguing for change in assumptions, principles and practices of negotiations. Specifically, Iím arguing for a more civil, humanistic approach that philosophically grounds negotiating based on four distinct principles. Donít think that Iím advocating a soft approach to negotiating. What follows is as tough and as practical as it gets.

The practices that I offer represent the best of classical, conventional schools of thought on the topic of negotiations that remain viable today. Think of the practices as the content for a survival skills course in negotiating. If you are not grounded in the practices, then attempting to use the principles will have a high likelihood of backfiring. A negotiator must use these practices to recognize if the Other (a reference to another party in the negotiation) is playing a win-lose game. The twist is that these practices are philosophically congruent with the principles.

This book is driven by the demands for new and better ways to negotiate, a renaissance of sorts. Based on insights gleaned from nearly forty years of industry experience, successful negotiation practice and teaching, theoretical applications drawn from negotiation, personality and human communication theories, this book confronts these new realities with new tools. I believe that the time has come for a fifth theory of negotiating, Mindful Manipulation, with its principles and practices that are in sync to navigate the commercial and personal issues we all face in the 21st Century.


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About the Author
James J. Ranieri is a business executive with 30+ years of experience. He has had extensive experience in Customer Engagement, Customer Relationship Management and Talent Development. A former military aviator, he is an engineer with an MBA. Jim is president of theNavigatorGroup that focuses on negotiations training and consulting.



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