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The King, the Maiden and the Prize by Karyl Simmons

The King, the Maiden and the Prize

by Karyl Simmons

186 pages
A timely prophetic study on the Song of Solomon.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
Most casual readers of the Song of Solomon do not fully realize the priceless treasures that are hidden there nor the vital prophetic message that it holds. Upon further study one finds key scriptures and key words with scriptural symbolic meanings that open the mystery of the Song. This obscure book of the Bible has been referred to by a well known Rabbi as 'the Holy of Holies' of scripture! The message that emerges from the Songs pages is for the church of the last days and it has now been revealed for 'such as time as this'!

To the casual reader, the Song reads much like a musical drama with different scenes and characters that tell a lovely story. But there is much more to it than that, for now we find that it contains mysterious prophetic visions and profound truths for the 'seeker of God'. These are truths and visions that Holy Spirit will use to prepare the bride of Christ for the return of Jesus, the Bridegroom King.

The Song depicts breath taking scenes in the kingdom of heaven; scenes of things that will take place there of events that every Christian has wondered about. It reveals scenes of 'that day' when Jesus will reveal His bride/queen and present her to His Father for all in the kingdom to behold. Jesus speaks to His church today! He speaks down through the eons of time through the words of the Song to those who have ears to hear!

This study will strengthen todays church and prepare it for the kingdom. It will motivate the sleeping Christian to rise up out of their apathy to pursue a wonderful destiny in the kingdom as the kingdom comes to life for the reader. The Song gives the church a clear understanding of the PRIZE and it shows one how to gain it.

This book will work well in a group setting or as a personal study. It includes a glossary of all the key words and their symbolic meanings. The author has included fourteen of her personal illustrations that reinforce and enhance the message of the Song. The message in this book, The King, the Maiden and the Prize, is a real jewel, a jewel that the 'seeker of God' will treasure and want to share with all those whom they love!


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About the Author
Karyl Simmons Karyl Simmons and her husband, Billy, have served as pastors over the past 35 years. Karyl is a praise and worship leader who loves the Word of God. She lives with her husband in Kentucky and is the proud mother of 3 daughters, 9 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.



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