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The JUDGMENT OF BABYLON: The Fall of AMERICA - 2024 Edition by Roger King

The JUDGMENT OF BABYLON: The Fall of AMERICA - 2024 Edition

by Roger King

164 pages
"The Mystery of the Ages." God the father told Daniel to seal the words till the time of the end. Daniel chapter 12:4 & 9. What did Daniel seal? You will be amazed.

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About the Book
This book is about the Judgment of Babylon (America) found in Revelation 14:6-13and Daniel 12:6-8. The reason for judgment is fornication which leads to abortion. What is the great city that falls? (New York City).The city falls, and by the time of the rapture 3.5 years later America is completely out of business.

The return of Jesus Christ and the last 7 years of events and the dates are explained in detail, The Lord placed the return date 500 years prior to the birth of Christ, That is why Jesus said only my father knows in Matthew 24:36. There is a reason why Jesus said only His father knew, as Jesus truly did not know, but there also was a reason for this. The reason is salvation. More on this in the book. This information is not something you would take my word for, so God covered that by sending His proof that words printed in this book by adding His completion number at all areas necessary. Amazing to say the least!

The Judgment of Babylon is about the fall of America, the date, and how it happens , and where to find it in the bible This has been a 16 year search for the information that positively proves what is coming upon America. Babylon, Babylon that great city (New York City) will fall on March 15, 2024 the timing is spelled out in Chapter 12 of Daniel, the timing is in the middle of the last 7 years or at times, time and 1/2 a time. The culprits in this event are in Daniel chapter 8 along with the other perpetrators and what happens to them. Jesus then returns on September 15, 2027 at midnight or the last trump. The days noted in Daniel 12 are turned into dates giving us the perfect timing of these last 7 years of events. You can see how the Lord hid them in Chapter 7, 8, and 9 of this book. How He hid all of this for 2500 years is as amazing as the prophecy itself. We are as of this writing in the last 6 years of Gods Time Clock , Daniel chapter 12. In Daniel chapter 8:19 you will find there is a predetermined time of the end. "You are in it!"


We have known Roger King for twelve years, attending the same church. Together we have studied the Endtime ministry of Irvin Baxter have traveled to Israel together. Roger has been working on this book for several years and we believe that it has been divinely inspired.
- Floyd & Sue Searer


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About the Author
Roger King is 83 years, is widowed, has 2 children, 4 Grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren, and 2 great-great grandchildren. Roger has been in the construction business for 46 years building high quality homes and has owned and operated a mechanical contracting business installing plumbing, heating and cooling in schools, jails, nursing homes. Roger has made several trips to the Middle East, Israel, Egypt and surrounding areas. The highlight of these trips was to visit the cave home John wrote the book of Revelations in on Patmos island.



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