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THE WATCHERS: Who Watches Us From the Moon and Where Did the Fallen Angels Go? by Roger King

THE WATCHERS: Who Watches Us From the Moon and Where Did the Fallen Angels Go?

by Roger King

114 pages
THE WATCHERS; Fallen Angels, Who Watches us From the Moon?

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
This book is a story about Fallen Angels or “The Watchers” and how ancient writers and modern day events have finally come together to make their story come to light. The information in this book gives us insight into the present location of the Fallen Angels and tells us what they did while on Earth, and why they fell from God’s grace. This is an amazing story that’s hard to comprehend but will keep you riveted as you read about astronauts, Fallen Angels, giants on Earth and their fathers, a hollow moon, Enoch (a friend of God), and an understandable reason for the great flood related in the Bible. You will also discover a number of surprises in this book, and we promise you’ll be amazed.

The information found within these pages proves this story and is available to all from “other sources” including the smoking gun that made this story undeniable and printable.

This information couldn’t be understood until certain events happened in history, especially within the last 40 years. The information also includes even more proof that the Bible is correct and that God does exist. We promise this book will astound you! All Bible quotations were taken from King James, NIV, and Amplified versions.

-- Floyd & Sue Searer


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About the Author
We have known Roger King for twelve years, attending the same church. Together we have studied the Endtime ministry of Irvin Baxter and have traveled to Israel. Roger has been working on this book for several years and we believe that it has been divinely inspired. -- Floyd & Sue Searer



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