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BUFFALO GRASS RIDER - Episode Three: Rough River Gold by Allen Russell

BUFFALO GRASS RIDER - Episode Three: Rough River Gold

by Allen Russell

338 pages
Episode three of the award-winning Buffalo Grass Rider Series.

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Category: Fiction:Westerns
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About the Book
Rough River Gold is episode three of the award winning Buffalo Grass Rider series. Bolt Ashton, known to the Indians as Buffalo Grass Rider, and his saddle partner, Eb Monday, are drawn into a plot to steal a huge stockpile of federal bullion hidden deep in the Black Hills of the Dakota Territory.

An international coalition of corrupt government officials, former rebels, and Mexican patriots have hatched a daring scheme using the gold to equip an army of mercenaries and finance a lightening quick strike against the southern United States. Thinking the bulk of the American army is engaged in a war with the Plains Indians; the conspirators plan to seize the opportunity and take back the land stolen from Mexico and revive the Confederate States of America.

The plan seems to be going well until one of the ringleaders unwisely imprisons Bolt and Eb and takes them to Mexico. Blamed for the loss of the gold and branded a traitor, Boltís only hope of rescue and any chance to clear his name depends on the forbidden affections of a sultry Cajon temptress and the unwavering determination of a rugged group of Montana cowboys known as The Bunch from the Lonesome Wind.


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About the Author
Allen Russell Bestselling author, Allen Russell, spent a dozen years as a professional guide in Montana and host of an outdoor adventure program. In 2013 he received a Will Rogers Medallion Award for the first book in the Buffalo Grass Rider series.



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