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BUFFALO GRASS RIDER - Episode Two: Blood on the Rosebud by Allen Russell

BUFFALO GRASS RIDER - Episode Two: Blood on the Rosebud

by Allen Russell

322 pages
Western Fiction Series

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Category: Fiction:Westerns
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About the Book
Blood on the Rosebud is episode two of the Buffalo Grass Rider series. It chronicles the life of Bolt Ashton, a man known as Buffalo Grass Rider among the Indians. Bolt and the Sioux warrior Lone Elk are once again united in a quest to find Lone Elkís wife who has been abducted by white trappers. Meanwhile, whatís left of Boltís long separated family abandons the political corruption of post war Tennessee planning to join him on the Montana frontier. While on the quest with Lone Elk, Bolt learns the source of the warrior spirit that lives within him and the truth about the centuries-old blood connection he and Lone Elk share with an ancient and brutal Cherokee warrior known as Ten Thunders.

Bolt, his family and the men of the Lonesome Wind are drawn into a bloody confrontation with a well-financed and politically powerful group of land grabbers and their army of hired gunmen intent on taking over the vast Lonesome Wind Ranch by whatever means necessary.


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About the Author
Allen Russell Allen Russell is a native Tennessean, voice actor, videographer, and a cowboy at heart. He spent more than a dozen years as a professional hunting guide in Montana and host of an outdoor adventure program.



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