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When Money Meets Seduction: Inspiring Financial Lessons of Women Who Have Connected With Money and Power by Gisele Haralson

When Money Meets Seduction: Inspiring Financial Lessons of Women Who Have Connected With Money and Power

by Gisele Haralson

120 pages
Women are encouraged to be wise and take action in regard to their finances.

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About the Book
Throughout history women have overcome pain and heartache to live life to the fullest. Many women consider it to be a dream come true to snag a rich, powerful, gentleman, and some view this opportunity as a free pass to easy street.

Within these pages you will discover how love, money, and seduction have a way of shaking us to our very core. You will come to recognize that love is inherently not a level playing field and that those with money often play by a different set of rules.

The book profiles women who have connected with men of wealth, power, and prestige only to see that not all is fair in love and war. You will also see stories of courageous women who dared to dream and followed their dreams all the way to the bank. They have through determination and hard work built their own financial dynasties.

To build wealth is a desire of many. It is these stories that will motivate women to stand bold and take action in regard to their futures, to create something that is their own, which in turn will give them financial independence.

What you may find truly inspiring, even startling, are the lessons to be learned from their journeys, how their fortune and misfortune can inspire other women to find strength and power as they travel to a place of financial freedom.

When Money Meets Seduction aims to encourage women to be wise, self-reliant, confident, and ready to take on whatever life throws their way. As you read the love stories, you will come to see that these womenís lives may not be that different from our own. Although we may come from different backgrounds and experiences, it is easy to see how the trappings of wealth and lavishness have a way of luring one to sleep. Many women have placed great faith in their wealthy loverís promise to take care of them, only to realize the hard way that promises are broken every day.


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About the Author
Gisele Haralson Gisele Haralson has spent her professional career working with community leaders and families to improve the quality of life for children in the state of Louisiana. She is an activist and motivational speaker. Her work and research has led her to understand the importance of women being financially self-sufficient.



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