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More Than Just Sex: It's The Art of The Chase by Gisele Haralson

More Than Just Sex: It's The Art of The Chase

by Gisele Haralson

112 pages
Sisters are encouraged to depend on God and themselves for happiness.

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
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About the Book
Selecting a companion to share your life with is an important decision, probable one of the most important decisions a person will ever have to make. But often this decision is plagued with pain and heartache. A loving relationship between brothers and sisters does not have to consist of a power struggle. Many sisters are suffering emotional and psychological hardships in their relationships. It is really difficult to say what are some of the reasons for their suffering, but it is my guess that often they have entered into relationships with partners who they have not taken the opportunity to get to know. A relationship is really about accomplishing the same goals and working together to reach them, which is what many sisters are looking for.

Although love has not always come easy for sisters, success has afforded many with the opportunity to live financially independent. Black women now earn nearly two thirds of the bachelorís and masterís degrees that are awarded to African Americans. Many sisters who have made it professionally are looking for brothers with status and position but they are finding this quest easier said than done.

More Than Just Sex: Itís the Art of the Chase is a way to empower African American women by encouraging them to look within their souls and come to terms with who they are. It provides sisters with a place to give advice, reveal their concerns, pains, joys, hopes, and fears regarding black men, each other, marriage and the relationships they have experienced as well as what they have learned and continue to learn. Statistics show that African American women are less likely to marry, less likely to stay married, and less likely to remarry after their marriage has ended. The book explores how sisters sometime miss out on love because of mistakes, insecurities, and bad relationship choices.


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About the Author
Gisele Haralson Gisele Haralson received her BS in Child Development and a Masters in Sociology from Southern University. The majority of her professional career has been spent educating, inspiring and motivating single parents to become self-sufficient. She is an effective communicator and creative networker.



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