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Orion by Tony Ross


by Tony Ross

282 pages
Death comes to Killdeer on the wings of the storm…

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
When David Johansen relocated to the quiet, unassuming little town of Killdeer, he thought the move would do him good. He thought he'd finally escaped the violence of his past in the north woods of Wisconsin.

He had no idea how wrong he was.

As a terrible blizzard descends upon Killdeer, David is awakened by a gunshot, followed shortly by frantic pounding on his front door. He pulls a shotgun from its rack, opens the door and meets Anya, a frightened young woman with a disturbing request: "Help me. Please! Someone's trying to kill me!"

David shelters the woman and quickly draws the attention of the killer pursuing her, a relentless hunter who will stop at nothing to claim his victim. Through a series of text messages, the killer makes his presence known and presents David with a deadly ultimatum. More lives than Anya's are now at stake… unless David complies with the killer's wishes.

As the weather worsens, the people of Killdeer are forced to take shelter in the local hotel, where emergency preparations have been made for an extended stay. David and Anya go there as well… but the killer may have followed them. When the killer strikes again, David's fears are realized. Worse, as a relative stranger to the town, many suspicious eyes are turning in his direction.

Trapped by the weather in an overcrowded hotel slowly boiling over with fear and mistrust, David is faced with three problems:

He must protect Anya at all costs, knowing full well that it may cost him, and the people of Killdeer, everything.

He must find and stop a killer who has shown the ability to cut power and communications, has eyes and ears everywhere, and is able to strike at will.

He must face the darkness rising up within himself, changing him, pulling him far from his faith, and threatening to drag him down forever.

Orion, the sequel to the award-winning Victor: The Reloaded Edition*, is more than a tale of suspense, intrigue, and ultimate stakes that will keep you awake deep into the night. It is a story of internal struggle and difficult decisions, highlighting the war for our souls between what we want and what we need. Orion is the story of every reader's heart, and its message will linger long after the final page is read.

*Silver medalist, Readers' Favorite 2013 International Award Contest


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About the Author
Tony Ross Tony Ross writes "thrillers for thinkers," stories filled with action, adrenalin and deep spiritual meaning. His debut novel Victor received a silver medal in the Readers' Favorite 2013 International Award Contest. Tony is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. He is happily married and has five children.



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