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Mystoria: Two Worlds Collide by Andrew Neighbors

Mystoria: Two Worlds Collide

by Andrew Neighbors

144 pages
Kathryn returns with a vengeance to destroy Mystoria.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
The beautiful witch Jasmine is the new queen of Mystoria, and the vampire wizard Michael is her protector. Magicians are safe in the northern lands, and the werewolves have created a new society in the south. Kathrynís return shatters the brief period of peace as the wicked witch brings an army to Mystoria that is worse than anyone ever imagined. A violent war threatens to destroy all of Mystoria, and Kathrynís plans endanger the separation of all the ancient worlds. The queen and her protector would love nothing more than to marry one another and live together in peace, but Michael is the only hope in saving the queen and her people from the coming darkness.


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About the Author
Andrew Neighbors Andrew Neighbors brings back the magical world of Mystoria in this highly anticipated sequel. The writer, director, teacher, and world traveler delivers a fast-paced novel with more action, suspense, and romance than the original. Andrew continues to deliver on being known as the Renaissance man with his many adventures and projects.



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