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Little Blue Star - Book Three in the White Bird Series by PB Morlen

Little Blue Star - Book Three in the White Bird Series

by PB Morlen

434 pages
Crystal Blue must travel the world and unveil ancient secrets.

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About the Book
In Book I, Illuminating Crystal, eighteen-year-old Crystal Blue learns her fate after discovering an ancient manuscript in the basement of the Minneapolis-based bookstore The Blue Crystal. She must fulfill a contract made between her star ancestor and the ancient beings living deep within the earth. Her mission? She must travel the world to unveil secret knowledge long held by the indigenous of the world. Why? So that humanity may transition into the Fifth Age. Harnessed with extraordinary powers received after finding the ancient manuscript, Crystal also becomes the target of a dark power hell-bent on destroying her.

In Book II, Crystal Blue Sky, Crystal sets off for South Dakota to with the Oglala Lakota Sioux who initiate her for her journeys. Along with her dog, Wyndon and her friend, David, Crystal begins the mission she was born to fulfill. But misfortune ensues on an island in the North Pacific and Crystal’s mission is threatened by the disappearance of her beloved dog, Wyndon.

Now, in the third book in the White Bird series, Little Blue Star, Crystal Blue, having already met with the Lakota and the Hawaiians, is now on another journey; one where she must find her dog, Wyndon. Flying over the Pacific, heading toward Durango, Colorado with David, Nita, and Leon, Crystal readies to meet with the Hopi; the next indigenous tribe guarding ancient secrets. Here, in a cabin snuggled into the mountains surrounding the Animas River Valley, Crystal learns of the Ancient Puebloans, the indigenous who lived and thrived around the Four Corners area for hundreds of years. She also learns of the mysterious disappearance of White Feather’s Flock, finding out soon after that her mission is to descend through the sipapu at Mesa Verde where she will travel backwards in consciousness to find them and lead them home.

Unfortunately, there’s a problem: Without Wyndon’s protection, Crystal’s life could be at risk while walking in this unsavory world mankind has long left behind.

Then, on the morning Crystal and the others prepare to leave for Mesa Verde, Crystal meets a dark messenger who viciously takes something from her, leaving her world dark and lonely. Afterwards, she journeys to a place both beautiful and frightening. There, she encounters the golden eagle she met in Hawaii and another bird: a magnificent animal that makes a great sacrifice, giving Crystal a gift she will need again and again.

Returning to the present, Crystal descends through the sipapu to find White Feather’s Flock. Here, in this misty underworld, Crystal meets the strange beings called Two Hearts and once again something is stolen from her. Mystery and adventure ensue when Crystal walks as another, meeting the most unlikely characters she’s ever met, and now hell-bent on finding the man known as the Sun Priest, the man who betrayed her and who Crystal now wants dead.

Ultimately, when the unthinkable happens in the world filled with mist and shadows, only one can save Crystal, but he like she, has forgotten who he is.


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About the Author
PB Morlen PB Morlen has dedicated her lift to finding her own answers to life's unexplained and perplexing questions. Her intimate journey of self-discovery has taught her that those who listen with their hearts and pursue their dreams are master planners of their own lives. And now, she has a story to share. While her readers follow Crystal Blue around the world, she hopes they will discover their own answers to life's mysteries.



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