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Illuminating Crystal - Book One in the White Bird Series by PB Morlen

Illuminating Crystal - Book One in the White Bird Series

by PB Morlen

350 pages
Crystal Blue must travel the world and unveil ancient secrets.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Eighteen-year-old Crystal Blue was born to illuminate humanity. When she finds an ancient manuscript in the basement of a bookstore, an intense transformation activates the eleventh layer of her DNA in preparation for the mission she was born to fulfill: she must travel the world and unveil the secret and sacred knowledge held by indigenous groups, knowledge that will illuminate humanity, secrets that dark forces have killed to keep hidden. The transformation harnesses her with unique powers, but also makes her vulnerable to these dark forces that now seek to destroy her.

But there’s a problem; Crystal doesn’t want to go.

She’s just moved to Minnesota to re-kindle her relationship with her older sister, Claire. And she’s finally found a job that she adores in "The Blue Crystal", a bookstore where she meets elderly, Cosmo Attis, the owner who suspects she might be his long-lost niece. And, Crystal has fallen hard for his broodingly handsome partner, Adam Walker. After years of being lonely and miserable, she’s finally found a bit of happiness. But after she discovers the manuscript, unfortunate and mysterious occurrences abound: bold, blue streaks magically appear in her dark, dreadlocked hair, strange faces appear in the mirror, Adam begins to ignore her, and a botched kidnapping leaves her bleeding to death in a 7-11. Crystal learns of her fated mission from the man who rescues her: Dr. David Lange, the charismatic physics professor who now decodes the ancient manuscript and who, she discovers, shares her dreams.

Soon, fantasy becomes reality when Crystal is attacked by a gigantic gold serpent in David’s home. Fortunately Crystal is saved by an unsuspecting yet familiar assortment of characters who have watched over her since birth. Their leader shares a story that that is so unbelievable that Crystal begins to fear for her life…and so she should. As it becomes clear that no one around her is who they appear to be, Crystal is in mortal danger as another attack finds her at death’s doorstep, one where her memories are stolen, making her mission even more tenuous. But there is one who now protects her memories and he will prove to be her greatest soldier and champion.

The world is changing as it enters into the Fifth Age and darkness may come. But as the world sets out to experience the greatest compassionate shift in human history, only an enlightened and illuminated humanity will survive the coming changes. Crystal, a child of the stars whose ancestor walked in the stars, must be persuaded to shoulder her fate, accept her mission and harness her unique gifts: powers held only by Avatars and Masters. And, she must do this before the darkness finds and destroys her.

Will she go? Will she accept her fate? Will she leave the one she loves behind?


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About the Author
PB Morlen PB Morlen’s thirty-year journey through life’s ‘mystery schools’ taught her to trust her own voice, listen to her heart and pursue her dreams: simple secrets to a magical life. And now she has a story to tell, a grand adventure where dreams are most common and divine secrets are unveiled.



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