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Fifteen Minutes by Luke Fetkovich

Fifteen Minutes

by Luke Fetkovich

214 pages
Fictional college football novel about friendship, trust and teamwork.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Adam Dorsey is the starting quarterback for a prestigious and high-profile college football team, and he has it all. So he's shocked when the head coach ditches him in favor of his freshman son, and frames Adam as a drug-using troublemaker in order to avoid negative publicity. Adam is unfairly kicked off the team, and reluctantly ends up at a small FCS school with a stingy but talented football program that is anything but high-profile.

Adam gets paired with a savvy and energetic running back, Roadrunner, and the two roommates become close friends. But times are tough, as Adam struggles to fit in to the culture and fights questions and criticisms about his motives.

During the offseason, Adam must navigate an uncomfortable road with his new teammates. And his journey reveals far more about the intangibles of football than he ever could have imagined.

Luke Fetkovich's second novel, Fifteen Minutes, is about friendship, trust, and what it takes to succeed in a teamwork-driven sport.


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About the Author
Luke Fetkovich Luke Fetkovich grew up in Greensburg, PA, and graduated from Penn State University in 2012. He published his first novel, Zero Hour, in college, and is back with a new sports novel, Fifteen Minutes.



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