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Zero Hour: The Revelation by Luke Fetkovich

Zero Hour: The Revelation

by Luke Fetkovich

544 pages
Ten teenagers discover a hidden world....and a horrifying secret.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Something is happening out there; something that ordinary people know nothing about. Itís brewing on the horizon, growing larger and more powerful as each day passes. Soon, it will strike.

What if this was real? What if, just beyond those trees in the distance, there was another world? A hidden world, where everything you thought was fake was actually real? Where werewolves and vampires and evil wizards roamed the land?

No. Itís not possible. You know it isnít; youíre too old for stories like that. But tonight, ten teenagers will find out that it really is possible. They will face dangers that they thought only existed in their most horrible nightmares, and embark on an adventure that will test not only their strength and courage, but their willingness to risk everything in order to achieve the improbable against all odds. Most importantly, however, they will discover a secret. A secret no one was supposed to know about; a secret that threatens not just the magical world, but the human race itself.

And youíre invited to join them.


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About the Author
Luke Fetkovich Luke Fetkovich grew up in Greensburg, PA and currently attends Penn State University with a major in print journalism and minor in Spanish. Zero Hour: The Revelation is his first novel. He plans to continue his writing career in the near future with the Zero Hour sequels.



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